Monday, October 8, 2012

Blogger Tip: Saving Your Blog

A client this week brought up a great point that I thought I would address.  Although your blog content is 100% safe when getting a new blog design, there are some great ways to take extra-precautions to ease your peace of mind.  These are also great ways to preserve your blog on a regular basis--I save my blog at least once a month, just in case something crazy would happen and I would lose access to my posts.  :)

Tip #1: Backing up your current design

Step 1: (Click the image to enlarge)
On your Blogger dashboard, click "Template".  This is what you should see:

Step 2:
In the upper right-hand corner, click the "Backup/Restore" button.  This will open the following screen:

Step 3:
Simply click the orange "Download full template".  This will save a file of your current design onto your computer.  You could then upload this template at a later time.  This is great if you want to keep an older design or if you want to save your current template before making self-changes just in case something would go wrong.  :)


Tip #2: Exporting your blog posts

As I mentioned above, I save my blog posts about once a month.  This way I know that if something should ever go wrong with my blog, I would still have my posts that could easily by uploaded to another blog.

Step 1: (Click image to enlarge)
On your Blogger dashboard, click "Settings".  Once in Settings, click "Other" under the drop-down list (highlighted in yellow).  You should now see the following page:

Step 2:
Click the blue link titled "Export Blog".  This will open up the following screen:

Step 3:
Simply click the orange "Download Blog" button and a file containing all of your blog posts will be downloaded to your computer.  If necessary, this file can then be imported to another blog at any time.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me to do this!! If something happened,how would I go about uploading the posts I just downloaded to a new blog?

    1. Great question! I'll write a post about that for tomorrow. :)


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