Thursday, January 30, 2014

PREMADE DESIGN FAQ: Removing Blogger Share Buttons

All of my premade designs now come with built in share buttons that are simple and sleek.  It makes sharing a post to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest very easy and a lot cuter than the standard Blogger share buttons.  :)

When you install a premade design, Blogger will automatically put in their own share buttons as well.  These buttons make the design's share buttons look misaligned like this:
To get rid of Blogger's share buttons so that everything appears properly, simply follow these instructions:

1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and select "Layout".
2. On this screen, select "Edit" in the bottom corner of the Blog Posts section.

3. From there, uncheck the Google share buttons and then click "Save".  

4. Enjoy your new look! 

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