Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Revamped + Reloaded Premade Line

I am very excited to announce that the entire premade line has been revamped and reloaded so that you get even more for your money.  Each premade design now comes with a set of coordinating social media icons and an optional navigation bar that will automatically populate the links from your Blogger Pages gadget.  The designs all have unique details added and the ability to customize some of your own fonts and colors using Blogger's Template Designer.  Furthermore, there are some great optional add-ons such as a custom "Pin It" hoover button.  Check out the premades in the Etsy shop or by clicking here.

Have a color scheme or an idea you'd like to see as a premade?  Leave me a comment or email me at kreatedbykelsey@hotmail.com.  :)

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